Olde Towne Barre


Barre is a combination of ballet, yoga, and pilates technique.  The result is a low-impact, high-energy, full body workout.  Set to an upbeat soundtrack, small movements and isometrics are used to strengthen and tone muscles without the bulk.  Sections of stretching are incorporated to elongate fatigued muscles to create a long and lean physique.  While all fitness levels can reap the benefits of Barre, those with previous injuries will find they are able to enjoy a workout and see results without the worry of injury.


Barre Bootcamp uses the basic foundation of Barre combined with short, low/no impact cardio bursts to burn fat fast. A full body class that still incorporates deep stretches, this program relies on high intensity interval training to rev up workouts running bleachers or flipping tires. Beginner and advanced clients are encouraged to shake things up by adding in a Boot Camp classes every week to see the most dramatic results.


Barredio is a cardio-style barre class using small weights and a heart-pumping tempo.  Maintaining our low-impact status, you'll burn the calories as you sculpt, tone, and elongate your body. 



"Vinyasa Flow Yoga is somewhat less definable than other approaches precisely because it embodies the continuous, dynamic, conscious evolution of the practice.  It reflects the constant interplay of human beings in the flow of life, connecting our inner nature, life experience, and the received wisdom of tradition as we explore and discover new possibilities for creative expression and conscious living on this planet." (Source: Teaching Yoga)

Adult Ballet is a beginner-level class designed for those with no prior ballet experience, as well as the seasoned dancer who is looking to refine their skills. Classes consist of barre exercises as well as basic center floor work. This is great class on its own or as a compliment to the barre-hard client who wants to work on flexibility and body alignment.