Olde Towne Barre



The barre exercise does not use traditional strength-work.  Instead, we use our body's own resistance to sculpt, define, and elongate our shape to create a long and lean physique. We incorporate micro-movements in small controlled ways.  Muscles in our entire body are pushed to the point of fatigue to strengthen, and then stretched to elongate and lengthen.  Barre focuses on the total body, including the core, to reduce body fat, increase flexibility, and sculpt muscles.

Olde Towne Barre is a barre group fitness studio specializing in creating a long, lean, toned physique by using body-sculpting isometrics, and a ballet barre. We are inspired by ballet with hints of small weights and yoga infused throughout, but you do not need to be a dancer to enjoy the workouts. The technique infuses high-energy music, cardio combinations, and low-impact movements, protecting your joints, as you sculpt, stretch, and shape your body.  Be prepared to feel incredible.

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