Olde Towne Barre

First TImer

Works for Everyone: 

Our intimidation factor is low and our mantra is "Take it at your own pace." Our workout is designed for die-hard exercise enthusiasts, dancers, runners and cross-trainers, and never-exercisers of all ages.

Fast and Noticeable Changes: 

Our bodies change quickly, and within a few classes the program becomes addictive. You can see changes in as few as 8-10 classes! You'll discover muscles you either haven't felt in awhile or didn't know you have. Our seats lift, our shoulders sculpt, and our clothes fit better in the waistline, which has tremendous emotional impacts to our psyche. 




The dear friendships you will make with the instructors and other clients are genuine. No one is judgmental and that proves to make a strong and positive relationship. We have formed a barre family.

Stress Relief:

Our boutique studio experience accentuates long lines, pointed toes, soft elbows, and a strong posture, which fosters a feeling beauty and elegance. Our music stays upbeat and the 50 minute classes speed by allowing you to leave all your stress at the door.