Olde Towne Barre



Erin is a paralegal by day and a barre instructor by night.  She has been married to her husband, Nathan, for 12 years and they have a golden retriever named Mallory.   Mallory is the love of her life and Nathan fully accepts that!  

Erin is a fitness junkie, plain and simple.  She discovered her love of barre in 2013, and became an instructor in 2014.   Erin’s enthusiasm for choreography and her eagerness to share it brings an undeniable energy and intensity to each of her classes.  She wants every class to be new and challenging and for you to reach your fullest potential at the barre - one more push-up, ten more seconds in that plank - feeling the burn from start to finish.  “Perfect!”

Away from the barre, Erin enjoys the simple things in life — sunny days, family time, Sunday drives with Mallory, wine with friends, a good book, and the occasional Netflix binge (ha!).