Olde Towne Barre


Originally from New Orleans, Allison enjoys everyday to its fullest and she strives to make each of her classes radiate a fun atmosphere. She loves to interject humor while on the mic but always challenges her clients to lift that leg a little higher, stretch that tube a little wider, and master that plank.

What began as a spontaneous lunch hour with her roommate at the Rez studio has quickly turned into a love of barre for Allison.  She had originally planned to show up in a leotard and tights, the dress code of her younger years' ballet classes, until she realized exercise clothes work just fine. She has been with us since the first few months of opening and after experiencing the encouragement, shaky seats, and fun energy of an athenafit class she found herself at home.

For a combined total of 14 years, Allison and her husband have been working as nurses at Batson Children’s Hospital in Jackson Mississippi and 5 of those belong to Allison. They are both graduating in December and have chosen to advance their careers as pediatric nurse practitioners.

Outside of barre and nursing Allison enjoys reading napping, shopping, and cuddling with her dog.